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Job Description:

We are looking for a machine learning engineer that help us creating a machine learning model capable of:

·      Extract and understand specific information from different medical guidelines and document.

·      Compare extracted information understanding its meaning and its semantics.

·      Learn automatically from the information extracted to improve the accuracy of the results when comparing and extracting the information.


·      Design, build and develop machine learning algorithms.

·      Create predictive models to optimize customer experience.

·      Create automated models to extract data.

·      Processing, cleansing, and verifying the integrity of data used for analysis.

·      Perform data mining, exploration, and analysis.

·      Selecting features, building, and optimizing using machine learning techniques.

·      Co-work with Web App Developers in creating a technological solution applied for specific processes.

·      Input your design skills into the technological solution to create a simple and nice solution.

·      Perform test developments on the solution.

·      Provide advancements of the developments to the team on a daily base

·      Schedule one on one team meetings to understand some of the main characteristics of the technological solution as well as provide ideas or suggestions to its development.

·      Other tasks assigned to support the growth of the project and the company.


Job Qualifications and skill sets:

·      Bachelor´s degree in systems engineer, data science, data analytics, computer science or related field.

·      Proficiency in Python and JavaScript language

·      Knowledge in machine learning algorithms and techniques.

·      Working knowledge of computer science and applications, modelling, statistics, analytics, and math’s to solve problems.

·      Familiarity with cloud-based infrastructure.

·      Experience with large datasets.

·      Ability to store and process unstructured data with NoSQL databases and machine learning models.

·      Great Communication and problem-solving skills.

·       Experience with Microsoft office Suite.

·       Experience with Natural Processing Language.


Desirable Skills:

·      Knowledge in data mining.

·      Product design abilities.

·      Prototyping abilities.

·       Knowledge of machine learning libraries for python.